Choosing The Right Vehicle

Choosing the right vehicle – should I buy a car or campervan for my travels around Australia?

Planning a trip to Australia and not sure about what is the best vehicle for you travels?

Some people say it’s better to buy a used car if you are going to tour around Australia, whilst others say buy used campervan and they are way more fun!  Well both options are good, but it really depends on your what kind of trip you want and how much money you have to spend.

We get loads of emails every day from travellers all over the world who are planning a trip to Australia and looking for information about buying a car or campervan and which vehicle should they buy.

Below are a couple of videos with our two most popular options we sell here in Australia.

Best value used car for sale for travellers coming to Australia and can fit up to 5 people and sleep two inside – unbeatable value for money and most popular form of transport for travellers on a long trip to Australia

 Station wagon – best option on a budget and can sleep two inside and three in optional tent – unbeatable value for money

Looking for a cheap way to travel around Australia, then buying a used station wagon is the best way to go for up to five people.

Buying a station wagon is very popular with couples as it drives like a normal car during the day and then in the evening it becomes your hotel on wheels!

You can save so much money on accommodation by sleeping in the back of the car!

Buying a used station wagon can save you so much money on accommodation – its your hotel on wheels!

For example (prices correct as at October 2013) average price for a double room in a hostel or backpackers in Australia not in peak season is approximately $80 per night.

If you buy a station wagon from us and use it for three months (90 days) and  sleep in the back of the vehicle you will save so much money!

90 days x $90 per day for a hostel = $8100 saved on accommodation costs and you still have the car to resell at the end of your trip!

Here is a link to our used cars for sale in Australia and click here to see our special offers and how it can save you money on your accommodation costs in Australia


Used small campervans for sale in Australia – best option for two friends or a couple who want a bit more comfort and a kitchen to save money on food and accommodation

The second most popular used vehicle for sale in Australia for travellers on a big trip down under is a small campervan.  We sell small campervans that we make in our head office in Sydney and also ex-rental campervans which are fully fitted out with beds, kitchens, fridges, and just about anything else you want!

Below is a YouTube video of one of our carpenters showing you one of the campervans we made for one of our customers.


The is a great option for a couple or two good friends looking to buy a used campervan in Australia.


Contact campertrader in English, Deutsch or Francais for advice on campervan hire and sales in Australia

You can contact campertrader for FREE advice about buying or hiring a used campervan or a used car in Australia.  Our staff can speak German, French and English and we would love to hear from you.  Our friendly staff are more than happy to help you, so below is a link to email us in English, German and French


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We look forward to hearing from you soon and have a great trip down under 🙂