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Campervan Relocation Australia

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All you have to do is send in your preferred campervan relocation dates and contact details and we will notify you when we have a relocation deal that matches your request.

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What is a campervan relocation & why so cheap?

A campervan relocation is the cheapest way to quickly see Australia.  Campertrader acts as an agent for travelwheels campervan hire Australia  Travelwheels often has lots of vehicles it needs to relocate to different cities in Australia.  This is where you come in handy!  As you decided to help out travelwheels campervans they reward you with a $1 day campervan hire!

Campervan relocation – petrol costs?

Some times travelwheels campervns will offer a fuel allowance if a campervan relocation is urgent. The allowance is refunded back to you at drop off on presentation of official fuel receipts paid for during the relocation.  Fuel consumption is generally 14-17 litres per 100km depending on vehicle size.   Please note if no allowed stated in the offer then you are responsible for the fuel costs.  If there is an allowance it might not cover all the fuel required for a particular campervan relocation, so any fuel cost over this amount will be at your own expense.

Is there an insurance excess to pay?

All campervan relocation deals have an excess insurance payment needed to complete the booking.  With campertrader and travelwheels campervans there is an insurance excess of $1000. However this will vary depending on the vehicle, and sometimes if can be higher. If you have any questions about this, then call us on 0412766616.

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If you have any further questions about campervan relocation deals in Australia, then feel free to email us anytime.  Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you find a great campervan relocation deal