Buying Campervan Advice

Buying Campervan Advice

The dream of many travelers in Australia is to travel around Australia and to experience the vastness of the land Down Under in their own vehicle.   We from Camper Trader often get a lot of travelers emailing us asking advice if it is worth to buy a campervan, buy a car or buy a 4×4.

Generally speaking for trips less than three months we from Camper Trader suggest that it is not worth to buy a vehicle and you should consider campervan hire or car hire instead.

However, it always depends on the kind of vehicle you are interested in.  So if you are interested in a campervan then it is worth to buy a campervan when your trip will be for four months or longer.  However, if you are interested in the purchase of a car, then it will be cheaper to buy a car (and not to rent a car) when you plan to travel around Australia for two months or more.

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Those who stay longer and definitely consider buying a campervan, car of 4×4 often have a lot of further questions and you can find a handy overview and links to some more detailed and helpful information for you below:

As you can see, there are lots of questions and many things which have to be clarified and investigated before making a purchase.

At Camper Trader we understand that buying a campervan in Australia, or a car or 4×4, is a big investment and buying the right vehicle for your travels around Australia can make or break your holiday.

Camper Trader is a registered campervan dealer in Australia and our staff is very knowledgeable about finding you the right vehicle, offer you lots of advice and help you with the car and campervan buying process for your trip.

So, feel free to contact us at anytime for more information about campervan sales or advice on buying a campervan in Australia and we are more than happy to answer your questions without any obligations.

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